About Bellus Family

About Bellus Family

Bellus family is the one-stop destination for parents and newborns. We sell a wide variety of product categories including essential products for newborns and new parents, children apparel, maternity wear, toys and games, housewares, home décor, outdoor gear, bedding & bath and everday essentials.

Bellus-family is a new lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living for the whole family.We help you keep your family organised and happy. Our vision is to provide parents with the information they need to choose the products they trust to care for their kids.

Buying strollers and baby toys can be a minefield. There are so many brands, options and prices to navigate. It’s hard to know what the right purchase is. Agitate: Plus, with so many new parents asking what to buy and where were the best places to buy from, it’s not much easier for those selling either. Solution: With Bellus Family you can find the right essentials for new parents at the best price. From prams for newborns through to portable cots and car seats – you will find everything you need in one place.

Bellus Family prides a flagship store with a great selection of baby strollers and baby toys.
The baby strollers for newborns are chic, functional and safe. They comes with a variety of features to meet the needs of every family, including the 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers strollers. Click on the link bellow to see more baby and toddler items in store <

Keeping up with the family isn’t just about having extra money. It’s about providing all of the resources they need to succeed. Like a warm place to sleep, baby food, and a fresh set of clothes, while you work hard to provide for everyone in your family. And if you have children that are struggling or falling behind, we can help them reach their greatest potential as well.

Shopping for the right baby stuff is an overwhelming task for many new parents. It is a challenge to find good products at the right price and that lasts long.

This is where Bellus family steps in. An Essential products brand specially designed for you with the perfect blend of quality, technology and affordability.

We understand that as a new parent you want the very best for your baby without spending too much. We believe, parents who are well-informed will spend wisely and happily. We are offering 10% discount on all our must-have products such as strollers for newborns and baby toys

Many new parents are both excited and afraid. They have no idea what they need to prepare for their baby. They are also excited about the new product launches and proud to be part of a parent community

Imagine a family of brands offering the best and latest products for babies and parents. The process of buying these products becomes not just easier but also more enjoyable.

We are a baby products company that believe the right baby products makes parents life easier. Our goal is to make the perfect blend of quality, technology and affordability for your complete household needs.

Bellus Familly Mission

Bellus familly Mission

We have designed the perfect online store for any new parent that wants to have everything they need for their baby delivered straight to their door. You can even submit your own ideas for our product line so that we can bring them to life and create something specifically for you!

Starting a new family can be expensive and stressful—living paycheck to paycheck can seem impossible and making each purchase count can seem impossible!

Our core values of affordability, quality, comfort, safety, quality control, and customer satisfaction are reflected in our products.

Family is the heart of every home. Whether you’re starting a family or adding to the one you have, Bellus Family has practical essentials fit for every member of your family—at prices that won’t break the bank.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our products are safe, affordable, and reliable. We provide an extensive list of customer testimonials and we’re always interested in hearing from people about how we can adapt our products to better suit your changing family needs.

You’re starting a new family, and you want to get the best things for your little bundle of joy. With the Bellus Family you know that all of the products are safe and tested. Parents turn to Bellus Family because they care for their babies just as you do. With Bellus Family you have a choice in selecting from a variety of high quality products that will make your life easier for those early weeks after baby arrives.

Proudly made in the USA, our luxurious bedding line features 1400+ thread count cotton sheets and towels that will leave you feeling like you’re wrapped in a cloud. We make high thread count fashionable and fun, but never frumpy. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Whether you’re looking for a cotton bedding set to decorate your bedroom, or new towels to finish your bathroom renovation, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Bellus family.

Created with the latest research, our baby products are rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards. We’ve consulted with hundreds of parents to ensure that they’re easy to use and easy on your budget.

Why Choose Bellus family

Why should you choose Bellus Family?

We strongly believe The Bellus Family has got every member of a family, at every stage and age of their lives covered with a variety of essential products-not only at worthy prices but of high quality too! Hence, with no second thought, we are what you need!

  • Why are baby care products not always baby-safe?

The firms selling baby care products test their own products for safety but do not inform the Food and Drugs Association (FDA). Statistically, 77% of the ingredients in 17,000 baby care products have not been evaluated for safety by the government. Due to this lack of regulation, on average, a baby is exposed to 27 untested chemicals in baby care products alone.

  • What are some of the must-have baby items for new moms?

It is not a secret how new moms are clueless in terms of what to and what not to buy before and during the first phase of their motherhood. Some of the must-have baby items every new mom should invest in include a crib, mattress, rocking chair, humidifier, baby monitor, hampers, and changing table. These must-have baby items are necessities in order to ease the raising of a baby for both, new moms and new dads.

  • How can essential products for new parents be categorized? What are some examples of essential products for new moms and dads?

Essential products for new parents are products that help make the lives of new moms and new dads easier. These products can be categorized into two: Essential products for new moms, and Essential products for new dads. Examples of essential products for new moms include a Diaper bag, Nursing Pillow, etc. Examples of essential products for new dads include a cuddle-up carrier, Pluto Pillow, etc.

The Bellus family of all-natural baby products was created by parents who wanted the very best for their own children. And our range of same-day baby essentials includes everything you need for your little one in the early months. From natural formulas to lotions and sunscreens to clothing, diapers, and cleaning solutions, we’ve got you covered at every turn.

When you pick out a new outfit for that special someone, you want to find the very best – and that’s exactly what we provide. The perfect gift for your sweetheart, our colorful clothing line is sure to be a hit. From gorgeous dresses and jackets to trendy tutus and bow ties, we have everything you’re looking for. Interested in finding more? Check out our line of toys and baby gear including strollers, cribs, car seats, activity mats, and more.

The Bellus Family program provides a comprehensive range of products to new parents aimed at capturing the newborn moments that pass by so quickly. Bundled together in gift sets, featuring our strollers, car seats and essentials for baby, the stowaway shopping nets are great value gifts for expectant mums.

Our unique designs are crafted from the finest materials and highly durable fabrics, such as eucalyptus wood, organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

We treat our customers like family, because we know that buying products for new parents is an important decision. We strive to create an ideal customer experience by offering products that are on-trend and Made in the USA through a simple and seamless online process.

Baby Essentials: No matter what your role is within a family, Bellus Family is the place to look for the best essentials baby products. Our editors have carefully selected and organized the best baby products into several helpful categories: newborn essentials, strollers for newborns, car seats for babies, toys for toddlers, on-the-go or travel necessities, cribs and many other baby product lists with great savings every day.

Buy Newborn Essentials And Educational Toys: Bellus family is your number one source for all-natural, essential products for newborns and young children. We LOVE baby products! We believe that the most important products you will purchase are the ones you use on and with your baby. These are the things that will touch them most often…and they will be a part of their lives for years to come.

A new baby brings excitement, hope and a lifetime of love. We are here to help you prepare for the journey ahead. Your baby is precious, special and unique; they will need your care and protection to grow up happy and healthy. Together we are part of the family of Bellus, let us share with you the privilege of raising a newborn.

The Nest Diaper & Supply can help make life as a new parent smooth. We’ve got you covered! Our products are functional and fashionable—you will find something you love.

New parents are naturally anxiety-ridden. We want to give special attention to a new mom and dad’s worries by providing them with information and guidance on ways they can relax with their newborn, so that they can also relieve some of the anxiety in the process.

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