Women’s Day Edition: 8 Best Gifts For International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March annually, to honor the achievements of women across the globe. And since it’s pretty much around the corner, we, Team Bellus have compiled a list of the most often bought 8 Best Gifts for International Women’s Day.

Although Women are the kind of species that deserve to be celebrated every day, a special day like the International Women’s Day dedicated to all the women around the globe is a good reminder of how special they are in everybody’s life. The women in our lives support us every day and a special day like this is a great way of showing how much we care for all that they do. And of course, appreciate them with one or two of the 8 best international women’s day gifts.


Whether it is your mom, wife, daughter, or girlfriend, women simply love surprises! Gifts are the best way to make a woman happy. Women’s Day is nothing less in terms of gifting your loved women.

Though you are eager to present the precious women in your life with special gifts for International Women’s Day, you might be wondering what the best gift to get is with so many open available in the market. And Yes, we know it’s not easy to decide on a gift with many gifting options available and that is exactly why, similar to Valentine’s Day Gifts post we published this February, we have listed out The 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day to make your day easier and her day special.

Celebrate this International Women’s Day with some unique gifting ideas for your loved ones!

8 Best Gifts for International Women’s Day:

 Personal Self-Care Gift Pack:

Women love to pamper themselves and there is no woman who would refuse a good personal self-care time. Undoubtedly a Personal Self-Care Gift Pack is one of the 8 Best Gifts for International Women’s Day.

A self-care gift pack is the best way to show the woman of your life that you care for her as much as she cares for herself. It is a thoughtful gift that not only benefits the body but her mind as well.

A personal self-care gift pack is one that can include various items from essential oils, face and body care products, bath bombs, scented candles or even a voucher at her favorite spa for some relaxing time for herself that she deserves.

Grab a good self-care gift pack of her favorite brand and see her face glow with excitement when she receives the gift.

Personalized Jewelry:

Women love to style jewelry with their outfits and they are one of the best when it comes to gifting. A piece of personalized jewelry as a gift shows how much you care as you go the extra mile. Not only do personalized ones add extra beauty to any piece of jewelry but they are also unique. Get a personalized necklace, pendant, ring, or bracelet with her name engraved on it, and we guarantee you that she will wear it more than often.

As the jewelry is one of the women’s most preferred accessories, personalized jewelry comes as the first under the list of the 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day that would make her feel special.

Personalized Memory Album:

All women love treasuring beautiful memories of their lives and that is why a personalized memory album is one of the 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day. Select pictures of the best moments of her life along with her achievements and get them personalized into a beautiful memory album. Not only will she love the personalized memory album but she will also treasure it all through her life.

Live Indoor Plants:

Women love to maintain a good, clean home, and live indoor plants add extra beauty to the interior. The reason why many women across the globe are quite interested in having live indoor plants in their homes is that these plants provide numerous benefits along with adding beauty.

Indoor plants help keep the surrounding healthier thus making those around happy. They are known to relieve stress and also improve air quality; this is exactly why live indoor plants make their way to the list as one of the 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day.

 Gift the woman in your life a few live indoor plants this International Women’s Day and see the smile on her face and relaxation in her soul.


Handbags play an important part in a woman’s life. Handbags are not only used for carrying essential things around while traveling but have also turned into a style statement. It is not easy for women to travel without carrying a handbag and this makes handbags one of the 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day.

Any woman will appreciate a good handbag as a gift. There are many types available nowadays that are stylish, luxurious, and designer handbags. Select a good quality handbag that is stylish, durable, affordable, and also easy to carry around.

As handbags are used by women on a daily basis it is undoubtedly one of the perfect items to be gifted to any woman on this International Women’s Day and make her feel special.

Flowers and Chocolates:

You can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates to a woman. Though it’s quite a classical gifting idea, it is one of the 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day to celebrate the special woman in your life.

Flowers have the ability to make anyone happy just by their presence and a bouquet is double the happiness for a woman. Get a bouquet of her favorite fresh flowers and a box of some yummy chocolates to make her feel special on International Women’s Day.

Coffee Maker:

Now, this is quite an interesting item, isn’t it? As most women prefer coffee over any beverage, a coffee maker is a must as one of the 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day.

 We all know that the women in our lives are so hard working. Whether she is a working woman or a full-time mom, most of the time women keep themselves up and going with a cup of hot coffee. Investing in a quality coffee maker is worth every penny as she will be using it every single day and also will appreciate you for such a thoughtful gift.

Get her a good quality coffee maker and she will surely jump up in joy. It is a great gift for a lady any day but on a special day like this, it is just the perfect one!


Perfumes are often known as women’s best friends. Not only do women love to dress well but they also love to smell good and that is exactly why women love a good perfume any time. Though all women love perfumes they don’t all love the same fragrance so it is important to figure out what kind of fragrance she loves in order to gift an ideal one.

There is a wide range of available gifting options for women on International Women’s Day although we have only listed the 8 best gifts for International Women’s Day to help you make that perfect choice. Don’t forget to gift the woman in your life this International Women’s Day and let her know she is special.

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