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Baby Gears (Baby Gears and toddler bags) are something that stepped into the spotlight only recently due to its immense demand from parents, particularly mobile parents who are ... who are always out and about most of the time as a result of work, leisure, and staying fit by moving around rather than staying at home feeling lethargic purposes.


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Gears And Bags

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Gears And Bags

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Gears and Bags (Baby Gears and toddler bags)

“One of the right baby gears is sure to prevent a baby from excess tears!”

Baby Gears  (Baby Gears and toddler bags)  are something that stepped into the spotlight only recently due to its immense demand from parents, particularly mobile parents who are always out and about most of the time as a result of work, leisure, and staying fit by moving around rather than staying at home feeling lethargic purposes.

Babies can be expensive. Essential baby gears are however not overly expensive. All you gotta do is put the safety of your baby first because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Babies are one of the greatest joys in life. New parents, however, in order to put the safety of their babies first, will need to understand that babies come with a lot of equipment and gear for their care and development. 

This article will hence provide an overview of the common baby gears that every new, expecting, or soon-to-be-having-a-baby parent needs to know.

What are baby gears?

There are many different things one can consider as baby gears, from the type of crib to the type of car seat used to carry and move the baby around from one place to another. There are a lot of options when it comes to baby gear but experienced parents know that not every item pitched as a “must-have” necessarily deserves that label.  

Benefits of baby gears:

Baby gears ease the workload of parents in terms of taking care of the baby. Parenting is the most challenging role, especially when one is handling baby duties and at the same time making sure that the baby grows healthily. As parents, you want to minimize the baby’s discomfort as well as your own workload in the process of doing so. It is not everything of course but determining which baby gear to buy is the first major step towards working to attain this balance in parenthood. 

List of Generally Used Baby Gears:

  1. Crib

The crib in which a baby sleeps is a big decision, and it is important to know the different types of cribs which one might need, depending on the age of the baby. There are four types of cribs and are Classic cribs, Convertible cribs, Sleigh cribs, and Glider cribs.

Classic cribs are ideal for those new parents looking for a crib with the flexibility to convert from a crib into a toddler bed. Hence, it is well-crafted furniture as sturdy as any bedroom set you’d purchase for an adult. It is also very versatile, allowing you to use any Ferris wheel-style crib bedding. This also comes with color-coordinated decals or a metal bed frame. This will be a better option for a long time, as the bed will be very basic. An effortless design, a simple metal bed frame, and a basic mattress are all one needs for Classic cribs. If you have a toddler who is about to finish their crib years, you can easily convert this crib into a toddler bed. 

Convertible Cribs, also known as conversion cribs, can convert into a toddler bed or a daybed and sometimes into a headboard for a twin bed. With convertible cribs, you need to change the mattress to match your boy or girl’s height so that the convertible cribs can also be used through school. It also needs to meet nationally recognized voluntary safety guidelines put in place by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Sleigh cribs are baby beds that have curved footboards and headboards. Its name comes from sleighs/ sleds because it has a similar round shape. Most sleigh bed cribs are rectangular in shape with curved ends. On the other hand, some are also round with four posts that have curved or rolled edges. Sleigh baby cribs are available ready-made as well as in design patterns for woodworkers to build. These cribs offer a lot of value and flexibility because they can easily convert from a baby crib to a child’s bed. Some convertible sleigh crib designs can be further converted into double-sized adult sleigh beds. Only a new larger mattress needs to be added.

Glider cribs have a calm and soothing sensation in them which naturally drifts the baby off to sleep. All thanks to the rocking feature of the glider cribs which rocks with a rhythmic side-to-side motion allowing your child to gently fall asleep. It gives the baby a sensation of being cradled in her/his mama’s arms. Glider cribs also have adjustable features in them which can be adjusted to any level or height of the child’s comfort level. It gives the baby a feeling of security when they are in their nursery. There is also no need to worry about the baby falling off the glider cribs when they are moving in their sleep. These cribs are designed specifically in a way that they are soft enough to support the baby in his/her sleep but are at the same time firm enough to hold the child securely in place. All these features make the glide cribs the most comfortable furniture.

  1. Stroller

A stroller is a kind of a pushchair on wheels for babies where babies can sit or sleep and all you have to do is push them along with you as you step out of the home. Strollers make your life as a parent easier. It is not only easy to use but is also very convenient. Having to carry your baby every time you step out of the house can be a pain and you also won’t be able to get any of your work done if you are going to carry your baby every time you run errands. The different types of strollers are All-Purpose strollers, Full-Sized Strollers, Lightweight Strollers, Double Strollers, Travel System, and Jogging Strollers.

All-Purpose strollers are a good fit for everyday activities such as going for walks, shopping, picnics and visiting family and friends. All-purpose strollers can hold a car seat, a shopping basket, a large canopy, a 5-point safety harness, and a reclining seat. If a parent is going to be using their stroller to transport a child from birth, then it is important that the stroller features a lockable front wheel that turns 180° to ensure that the stroller can be maneuvered easily.

Full-Sized Strollers are bigger and sturdier, which ensures that they can be used through the child’s toddler years too! The features of a full-sized stroller include a rugged non-flat all-terrain tire, a weight capacity of 40 lbs., a telescoping handle, a large basket underneath, a reclining seat, and a parent tray. 

Lightweight Strollers weigh less than basic strollers and are designed for portability. These strollers are great to be used while traveling and be easily carried along in vehicles. Lightweight strollers are hence not to be used for jogging and should only be used for walking and strolls.

Double Strollers are ideal for twins or children who have a small age gap between them. Therefore, it is not only easy but is also better and safer to use a double stroller instead of using a single stroller if you have two babies of the same age. The features of double strollers include bigger space so the kids can sit comfortably, double sun canopy for maximum shielding of UV rays, big storage space, bigger leg support for each baby, bigger wheels so the stroller can only go to tough places, the ability of the stroller to keep the kids parked while seated or lying down, rear or front-facing option, covers that can be set at different height, pull down locking mechanism for the double stroller fold, stroller shield, weather shield, locking mechanism for each of the baby’s own seat, and brakes for increased safety.

The Travel System is preferred by many parents as it is attached with an infant car seat to it. A travel system stroller can also be used for a baby since birth. The features of a travel system include the attachment of the car seat, glider board, big storage basket, an automatic lock system, large leg space for baby, etc.

Jogging strollers as its name says are great if you’re a fitness freak mamma/pappa! These strollers are made to absorb the bouncing and with three large wheels in a triangle configuration will go smoothly over hard, bumpy, or rugged surfaces. The way a jogging stroller is built it will not jolt so you don’t have to worry about the baby’s safety or comfort. The features of jogging strollers include adjustable canopies, adjustable handles, large storage baskets, padded seats, and a suspension system. It also comes with a child tray and cup holders too. Be advised, though, that jogging is not for everyone – moms and dads alike, and it requires a bit of training and practice before you hit the streets. The best way to know if you and your family will enjoy jogging is, of course, to test it! 

  1. Car Seat

Car seats are portable seats specifically designed to secure a baby in the passenger seat. Most car seats are made from inexpensive but durable material in order to withstand prolonged use. The most common material is polyester. Car seats are also safe and convenient to use, enabling parents to place their children in and out of the seat while travelling in or out of the car. 

The different types of car seats include rear-facing seats, convertible seats, and combination child booster seats. Shapes of car seats for infants may vary, but the most common shapes are the bucket seat and the capsule-shaped reclining seat. The price may vary depending on the brand name or material used. We must be very careful in handling car seats to prevent injuries. 

Rear-facing car seats include rear-facing infant-only seats, rear-facing convertible seats, and front-facing convertible seats. Rear-facing seats are needed for infants below one year old or below 20 pounds. These seats are designed to cradle the child on the rear seat. The adjustable reclining backrest is designed for infants. 

Convertible seats can face rearward for infants and forward for toddlers at the age of one year old. The features of these car seats include side-impact, side wings, V-shape new safety technology, weighs about 18.75 pounds (8 kg), measures 27.5 inches (70 cm), can be cleaned with a damp towel, manufactured by Britax USA, and recalls models. 

Combination child booster seats are designed for toddlers 3-10 years old. These strollers have features such as lights, rain jackets in some models, an easily removable bottom in case the stroller is in car rides, and some models even have child trays in case the children want something to eat while still in the stroller. 

  1. Baby Carrier:

Baby carriers, baby slings, and baby backpacks are different types of equipment for carrying your baby on your chest or back. These gears make it quite easy to rock and soothe a cranky baby. The close contact you achieve with the baby while carrying it using one of these baby gears makes it easier to respond to the baby’s needs quickly. The parents can also have quite a qualitative bonding time with the baby using one of these. Baby carrier’s features include a belt width measuring about a foot and a half. You carry your baby on your front, the belt supports the weight of your baby on your tummy. A wide shoulder piece, a belt, and a headrest. On the backside is a strap that goes across the chest area. 

  1. Bouncer:

Bouncers are lightweight baby seats that are powered by the baby’s own movements. If needed, you can also give it a quick nudge with your hands or feet. The bouncer includes a removable toy bar that allows the baby to play with different toys, meanwhile, providing entertainment to him. Rest assured that with a bouncer, you can keep your baby from boredom.

Baby Bags and Maternity Bags are important postpartum because the new parents need to carry snacks, milk bottles, and even hold clothes and diapers for their little junior while traveling around with their newborn. It is highly important to look for something comfortable without the bulkiness as a bag for both parents and the newborn, hence it’s important to do proper research and choose wisely! 

All you have to do while looking for baby bags and or maternity bags is to check for toughness, comfort, space, style, ease of finding, and the place of the model under current market demands.

Some of the bags we offer at Bellus Family Store are Baby Carrier Backpack, Maternity Backpack, School Backpack, Diaper Bag,  and travel Backpack. 

Baby Carrier Backpack shouldn’t be used until the baby can sit unassisted. Its features include padded suspensions; hip belt; padded shoulder; padded arm; stroller straps; small pockets; water bottle pocket; convenient pockets; removable storage; weatherproof; cover; board; shopper handle; anti-slip feet; RFID pocket; sunshade; insulated; cooling panel; storage, etc. The backpack also offers the proper fit by adjusting the fit with the back of the waist belt adjusting system, along with the waist belt of the backpack, so it is easy for the parents to carry their kid.

Maternity Backpack allows the new mom to carry all her new mom essentials postpartum. Some women also choose to use these bags to carry around the newborn’s essentials. The features of a maternity backpack include a larger changing pad, flexible material to allow the bag to move naturally with the body, a space to hold a water bottle, a folding changing mat, and a built-in grocery bag.

School Backpacks are equivalent to school bags. Children can use this to carry their belongings and books to school.

A diaper bag is used by anyone who is taking care of a baby, carrying all the baby’s essentials around while going on a short outing or even on a long trip. The features of a diaper bag are significant because you need to pack all your baby’s essentials – diapers, food items, baby’s clothing, baby’s toys, baby’s shampoo, baby lotions, baby powder, baby first aid box, etc. It can be used by any parent, even by single fathers, single mothers, or even grandparents, all who want to take care of their grandchildren. 

A travel Backpack is used to carry all the essentials while going on a long travel trip. This could be the essentials of the whole family. The features of a travel backpack include a large storage compartment that can be used to place clothing or other essentials. It should have a solid structure and be water-resistant. Some of the travel backpacks also have hidden pockets for added security of belongings. Some of the travel backpacks come with a laptop compartment. This allows for a solution of carrying a laptop.

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