Strollers are a kind of pushchair used to move babies and infants from one place to another by pushing them around using just the hands without ...having to carry them all the time. Strollers are also termed as prams, baby carriers, pushchairs, baby carriage, baby buggy, pushcart etcetera.


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Product Recommended Age: 9-12 Months

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Full Size Strollers

3 in 1 Luxurious Baby Stroller


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Full Size Strollers

3 in 1 Luxury Baby Stroller


Full Size Strollers

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Unexistent is the Perfect Baby Gear, said no one with the Right Stroller!

Strollers are a kind of pushchair used to move babies and infants from one place to another by pushing them around using just the hands without having to carry them all the time. Strollers are also termed as prams, baby carriers, pushchairs, baby carriage, baby buggy, pushcart etcetera.

It is extremely important and considered highly a necessity by the parents’ community to have a stroller as soon as the baby arrives for it benefits not only parents but also adds to the baby’s comfort. You can have all the baby essentials in one of those pouches of the stroller alongside placing the baby on the stroller while going on long or short visits outside the house. 

Stepping out of the home with a baby in hand can be inexplicably tough. This is why strollers come in handy. Parents can have some free time from having to carry the babies all the time or from running behind toddlers while out and about with the help of strollers. 

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Different Types of Strollers:

Though all strollers serve the same purpose there are many different kinds of strollers that are developed to meet certain requirements accordingly. So you can find the exact one that suits your convenience and your child’s comfort. Listed below are some of the different types of strollers that are available in almost all the baby furniture shops:

Lightweight strollers – Lightweight strollers are also called umbrella strollers or compact strollers. They are light in weight and are perfectly designed for portability. Lightweight strollers are further easy to fold and be carried around when you go out traveling or visiting friends and family. They can be easily stashed in and out of the vehicles and or even taken up and down the stairs easily. The seats of the lightweight strollers have shoulder straps and can be partly reclined too. 

Appropriate age for use: 6 months and older


– Light in weight

– Small volume after being folded

– Flexible & Convenient

– User-friendly design & easy to use


-Worse Shock Absorber Effect

– High Risk of Rollover due to the lightweight of the stroller 

– Cannot be used on roads with complex conditions due to thin wheels

Travel system – The travel system is a type of stroller attached to a car seat. Using a travel system will not disturb a baby while transferring a baby from the stroller to the car seat and that is why a travel system is more preferred by many parents. A travel system consists of a car-seat base, a separate stroller, and an infant car seat all at once. Parents need to keep in mind that when the baby can sit up, they will only be required to use the stroller without the car seat. Some travel systems also contain a seat that fully reclines. 

Appropriate age for use: Birth to 3 months old


-Ease of movement

-One-time purchase of a package of two/three products

-Economical because purchasing different products separately costs more


-Some Travel Systems don’t fit the car seat on the pushchair chassis

-Bulkier and heavier than standard strollers

-Due to its size, it is sometimes difficult to squeeze through grocery store aisles

Jogging Strollers – Jogging strollers have large wheels which are sturdier and made in a way that absorbs bouncing while you run or jog without having to worry about the baby’s comfort. Hence, this type of stroller is built to move smoothly even on hard and bumpy surfaces due to the three wheels in a triangular configuration. It’s yet highly advisable for parents to think twice before investing in a jogging stroller regarding how much of an intense workout they’ll be doing. 

Appropriate age for use: At least 6 months old.


-Benefits fit parents who want to jog/ run and still stay close to the baby

-Functions effectively in several settings unlike the standard strollers

-Provides perfect shock absorption enabling it to perform well


-Forgoing an additional wheel means sacrificing stability

-These strollers are also heavier than a regular stroller

-Jogging strollers are also quite expensive compared to standard strollers

All-purpose strollers – All-purpose strollers, also known as standard strollers are great for all sorts of everyday activities such as going out for a quick walk, a run to do errands, and paying a visit to family and friends. There are no hard and fast rules to the uses of all-purpose strollers as its name indicates, it’s for all the general purposes of moving around from one place to another with the baby.

Appropriate age of use: If it’s for a newborn, it must be able to recline to a lie-flat position. Otherwise, the stroller should offer enough support for the baby until he/she has full control over its head and neck which often happens around 3 months old.


-Comes with many capabilities such as storage bag, canopy, multiple recline positions for seat etcetera. 

-Stable and Safe.

-Can be used from when the child’s birth up to 3/4 years old.


-It’s heavy and might need to be replaced often as they do not live long

-They’re tough to assemble due to many parts

-Due to the huge size, at times, they are unable to pass through narrow spaces

-Takes huge storage space

Full-sized strollers – As the name goes full-sized strollers are bigger. Since they are bigger, they can be used for many years, even as the baby grows into a toddler. The seat of the full-sized stroller usually comes with a deep seat reclining option. The wheels of the full-sized strollers are larger and sturdier. Further, a full-sized stroller has all the basic necessities of a stroller with storage baskets, snack trays, cup holders, and canopies. 

Appropriate age of use: From birth until the baby is a toddler.


-Wide, comfortable, and well-padded seat

-Contains a useful basket for storage, cup holder, and sometimes a snack tray

-Easily convertible design


-Heavy and bulky making it difficult to travel long distances with the baby

-Takes up large storage space.

Double Strollers – Double strollers are strollers designed to accompany two kids at a time. These are mostly ideal for twins or for kids who are close in age. Instead of using two strollers for twins or kids with a small age gap, the double stroller can be used as it makes moving around and watching over the kids much easier in so many different ways. They are in one place, for instance. 

Appropriate age of use: Less than 2 years old for kids who are close in age.


-Makes life easier for parents who have two kids of close age while traveling

-Easier to store since they are not very large



-Expensive. Highly expensive.

-Cons depend on the model of double strollers parents purchase, for instance, Tandem double strollers are longer and narrower than side-by-side strollers. 

-Tandem strollers also makes it difficult to steer and reach the child in the front seat

Strollers Based on Age:

0 – 6 months:

At this age a baby will be sleeping all the time. Hence a stroller which is sturdy and a seat which reclines fully is the right choice. With a fully reclined seat a baby can lie flat and sleep in comfort even while you move the stroller around. 

A travel system with an attached infant car seat will also be ideal as you don’t have to take the baby in and out of the car every time you travel.  Therefore, it won’t disturb a sleeping baby. 

Parents are also encouraged to look for a stroller with a canopy to cover over and provide shade from the heat of the sun while a baby sleeps in a stroller during the outing. 

6 – 12 months:

At this age a baby usually starts to sit, therefore, a stroller that is adjustable to support a sitting baby with some good, comfortable cushioning will be the right choice. 

18 – 24 months:

At this age, a child will be shifting from being in and out of a stroller time to time. As the child will not be on the stroller at a stretch or during the whole outing period, a light weight stroller is the best option since it can be folded and carried along easily when the child is out of the stroller at any time.

Safety Requirements to Purchase a Stroller:

Even though strollers are useful with many features and makes it already easier for parents by providing comfort for babies, it is highly important to consider the safety requirements as well. In fact, this should be the first bulletin point of any parents purchasing a stroller! Two of the essential safety requirements one needs to look out for are:


A stroller need to have a parking brakes. Parking brakes in wheels provide safety as the stroller can be stationed in one place while you need to rest and is not in the move. With a good functioning parking brake, you don’t have to worry about the stroller moving and causing unexpected accidents. Strollers with hand operated brakes are also better. Some jogging strollers do have hand operated brakes. These hand operated brakes helps one to slow down while moving at a high phase. 

Safety belt and Strap:

The whole concept of a stroller is to have the baby positioned comfortably and safely on a stroller, so it is important to see that the stroller you buy has a strong safety belt and straps that holds the baby in place while on the stroller. 

Basic Guidelines to purchasing a Stroller:

Strollers are one of the must haves if you are having a baby. Investing money on a stroller is always worth it as it is very helpful for parents. Strollers make moving out and about easier with a baby. As important as it is to invest money on a stroller it is essential to find the perfect one according to your needs. 

Strollers provide comfort for babies. Some of the things you need to look out for when purchasing a stroller:

Wheels –  As strollers are used to move babies around by pushing, wheels are the most important part of a stroller. You must look out for good quality wheels on strollers while purchasing a stroller for your baby. Further, the wheels of a stroller must be strong enough to hold the weight of the baby. Hence, the wheels also must be able to move on any kind of surface, smooth and rough.

Seats – Seats of a stroller must be comfortable for the baby and also reclinable. So the baby can be positioned to sleep or sit up accordingly. 

Storage – The best part of using a good stroller is the storage space that comes with it to store essentials. This storage space is helpful as you don’t have to carry the baby’s most essential items such as diapers and wipes in a separate baby bag. These much needed items can hence be kept in the storage basket that comes along with the stroller. It is also easier if you can purchase strollers that have snack trays and cup holders. 


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